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Meest modern Korres Water, Cedar and Lime Eau de Toilette Nf3wcbZB

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A fresh, masculine eau de toilette that blends the purity of water with elements of the earth. Top notes of orange, mandarin and lime, heart notes of vertiver, cedar wood and pepper and warming base notes of nutmeg and guaicac wood. Water is the source of life and energy and is a sign of clarity and purity. The dew and the freshness of water as it crosses with elements of the earth, is the sensation that characterizes this luxurious eau de toilette. The Korres fragrance formulas do not contain synthetic substances such as phthalates or polycyclic-musk compounds.They contain alcohol of natural origin, such as wheat or corn, while rosemary is selected as the natural antioxidant of the composition. Suitable for vegans & vegetarians