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Heel handig Turbosmart Wastegates - Pro-Gate50 TS-0502-1202 Black Fits:UNIVERSAL 0 - 0 NON oNpoAmKb

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DESCRIPTION: A new, smaller and lighter body provides an improved flow path and temperature resistance. Shielded diaphragm housing ensures excellent heat handling capabilities while a one-piece high-temp stainless steel valve provides strength and reliability. 35% lighter, 20% smaller, 25% more flow than the superseded Pro-Gate48APPLICATION: Suitable for most high performance turbocharged vehicles with an external wastegate turbo system. Easy upgrade – fits onto the old Pro-Gate or Power-Gate weld flange.SUPPLIED WITH: 7psi outer spring (fitted), 10psi inner spring, Inlet flange, Outlet flange, Valve seat, Inlet V-Band clamp, Outlet V-Band clamp, 2 × 1/8 NPT vacuum nipplesThis product is also available in Sleeper Series